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New South Wales

Rosie Hirst Name: Rosie Hirst
Business Name: Quit Smoking Sydney
Phone: 1300 134 671
Web: www.quitsmokingsydney.com.au
Areas: Inner West, Sydney

(Sydney, Parramatta, Penrith, North Sydney, Chatswood, Bondi Junction, Hurstville, Bankstown, Liverpool, Campbelltown)

I love helping people put smoking into their history, leaving them confident as a non smoker, free at last- as well as healthier and wealthier.

My mission has been for many years to assist people in 2 major areas. First, to live peacefully in our wonderful bodies; and second, to learn about the amazing powers of our bodies, minds and hearts, how they interact, and how to use this knowledge practically. My career has evolved through physiotherapy to mind and energy methods that heal body and mind, and allow us to create change according to our intention. I have been working directly with people on health and life goals for over 30 years.

As a physiotherapist, I had direct experience treating smoking related disease in hospital patients. My own father suffered with smoking induced emphysema. Like many others in modern life, I too was a smoker struggling to quit for years. 4 years after my eventual success, I met this powerful method I now use to assist smokers to quit for the last time. You can benefit from my research, and do it the fast way.

It's a great joy to assist people with such ease and fun. It's true, hypnosis is fun, relaxing and a healing state. We set it up so that all you need to do is relax, and the result is guaranteed. Imagine the feeling of success that awaits you; the increased self esteem as well as the profound sense of accomplishment, the freedom you win forever.

We are all much more powerful than we know. I believe in you, your power and possibilities even when you may not. Together we create the new ways of being that make your success inevitable.

I have been in private practice in Sydney, first physiotherapy, now in hypnotherapy, healing and life coaching, since 1992. I hold Master Practitioner status in NLP, Hypnosis and TimeLine, as well as B App Sc (Physiotherapy) and Advanced Certification in Counselling (Australian College of Applied Psychology), plus other healing modalities. I am proud to belong to the Quit Cigarettes Australia team.


B.App. Sc (Physiotherapy)
M. Prac. NLP, Hypnosis, TimeLine.
Cert. Advanced Counselling (Australian College of Applied Psychology)

Professional Associations:


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Call Rosie at Quit Smoking Sydney - 1300 13 46 71



Rick Stephenson - Accelerated Change Techniques Name: Rick Stephenson CHT, MBANLP
Business Name: Accelerated Change Techniques
Phone: 1300 455 955 or 0413 728 004
Web: www.quitnow.net.au
Areas: East Maitland

(Newcastle, Nelsons Bay, Central Coast, Muswellbrook, Swansea, Singleton, Toronto, Cessnock)

Rick has a passion to assist people in being all they can be. He has spent the last 20 years helping others to achieve things that they thought impossible, with clients ranging from Trades people to Corporate Executives.

Having been a smoker for over 22 plus years, and quitting for over 4 years with no want, desire or cravings, he knows what smokers go through and is easily able to formulate an individual approach that will work for you.

Rick is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Master Hypnotist, Hypnosis Trainer, Master NLP Practitioner, Master NLP Coach and Master Time Line Therapist and draws upon these and other skills to achieve the very high success rates associated with his practice.

Rick Stephenson - Accelerated Change Techniques


Michael Haber Name: Michael Haber
Business Name: Quit Cigarettes 4 GOOD
Phone: 1300 114 557
Web: www.quitcigarettes4good.com
Areas: Illawarra

(South Coast, Wollongong, Nowra, Kiama, Shell Harbour, Helensburgh, Dapto, Berry, Woonona, Corrimal)

Lifetime Support!

We Won't Stop Til You Do!

We help smokers become the non-smokers they were born to be by addressing your specific reasons for wanting to quit! Each session is tailor made using a combination of Hypnotherapy & Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP). A single session is generally is all that's required for the majority of clients however, whether one or two sessions, we support you for life!



Clinical Hypnotherapist - CHt. ClinHyp (91542nsw)
NLP Practitioner - NLP Prac (91543nsw)
Health care Provider

Professional Member of:

Australian Hypnotherapists Association - (AHA) Accreditation number: PM2014055
National Hypnotherapists Register of Australia - (NHRA) Registration Number: PM2014055
Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists - (ASCH) Membership Number: 1637N
Professional Clinical Hypnotherapists of Australia - (PCHA) Registered Number: 2114
Australian National Hypnotherapy Register - (ANHR) Registration Number: 1300164
Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association - (IMDHA) Registration Number: 1214-100167

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