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Name: Pamela Course
Business Name: Inspired for Success
Phone: 0433 837 848 (0433 83 QUIT)

Areas: Melbourne Western Suburbs

(Melton, Point Cook, Werribee, Hoppers Crossing, Bacchus Marsh, Gisborne, Sunbury, Deer Park, Taylors Lakes, Caroline Springs)

Hello my name is Pamela Course

I am passionate about helping people make positive changes in their lives, so that they can create the lives they want. I love working with individuals who want to make those changes. I have been working with people, helping them to improve their lives, both personally and professionally over the last ten years.

Pamela Course - Inspired for Success

Assisting people to quit smoking gives me immense pleasure as it is something that many individuals have struggled with throughout their lives. I have watched family and friends struggle in the past using other methods and I hear clients telling me everyday about all the times they have tried to quit in the past, wishing they could free themselves of the burden of smoking. So it is exhilarating to see my clients easily and successfully kicking the habit and feeling great as they live more healthy and vital lives.

I am a part of a network of leading specialists using the most effective process available today to quit cigarettes in just 60 minutes. This is a proven system combining NLP and hypnosis to quit smoking with an outstanding success rate which has worked for people both nationally and internationally.

So if you have decided to change your life by freeing yourself from cigarettes, then just pick up the phone and call me at Inspired for Success to begin your healthy, happy, smoke free life today.

Qualifications: Diploma of Applied Clinical Hypnotherapy (DCht) from The Academy of Transformational Psychotherapy; NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Trainers Trainer, Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes Specialist, Reiki Practitioner, Get a Bigger Byte Out of Life Trainer and Past Life Regression Therapist. Pamela is a member of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists. (M.I.A.C.T)

Inspired for Success Hypnotherapy


Name: Sharon Chinen
Business Name: Natural Health Seminars
Phone: 0437 048 833
Email: Web: www.quitsmokingtoday.com.au
Areas: Melbourne South-Eastern Suburbs

(Frankston, Dandenong, Berwick, South Eastern Suburbs, Mornington Penninsula, Pakenham, Narre Warren, Carrum Downs, Seaford)

Hello, my name is Sharon Chinen and I would love to help you quit smoking today!

Are you ready to quit? Have you had enough of the coughing the wheezing, the huffing and puffing as you try to exert yourself? Have you had enough of being told where and when you can and can't smoke? Have you had enough of worrying about the negative effects on your health and those of your loved ones?

Sharon Chinen - Natural Health Seminars

Then call now: 0437 048 833

Science tells us that if you quit smoking prior to the age of 40 ~ 45 you have a very good chance of gaining your health back. After that it is a fast, downhill slide towards disease, suffering and an untimely death from cancer, emphysema, heart attack or some other dread disease… but you already know that don't you?…

When you are ready to quit, hypnosis works!

I would love the opportunity to help you to Quit Smoking once and for all!

  • Say goodbye to cravings and withdrawal symptoms
  • Live life feeling better as a non-smoker
  • Maintain your fitness and health
  • Save money - smoking costs an average of $4,000+ per year
  • There is nothing to lose and everything to gain by making the decision to quit this nasty habit once and for all.

I am a trained hypnotherapist and counsellor. Having graduated from Monash University, I am currently furthering my counselling studies at Swinburne University. I have been making a positive difference in people's lives since 1998, when I first started working with clients and students in a therapeutic setting. I provide Quit Smoking with Hypnosis sessions from my conveniently located premises in the South-eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

If you are finally ready to Quit Cigarettes once and for all, then I would love to help you.

Sharon also provides Weight Loss with Hypnosis sessions for those wanting to trim down: www.slimtrimhypnosis.com.au and she holds trainings for those interested to work as a Weight Loss Therapist: www.naturalhealthhypnosis.com


Name: Terrie Popper
Business Name: HypnoQuit by Terrie Popper
Phone: 0425 536 856
Web: www.hypnoquit.com.au
Areas: South East Melbourne

(Chadstone, Huntingdale, Ormond, Oakleigh, Ashburton, Burwood, Oakleigh South, Mount Waverly, Glen Waverly, Carnegie)

Terrie Popper

Terrie has a background in Health and Fitness for over 20 years. Terrie's dedicated to help you achieve success, health and wellbeing in your life. She is part of a network of leading specialists using the most effective process available today to quit cigarettes in just 60 minutes ... With an astonishing success rate of 95.6%. This is a proven system that has worked for thousands of clients.

Terrie is so totally committed to helping you quit cigarettes fast and forever and become a non-smoker now, she backs it up with a lifetime guarantee.


Name: Tami Cochrane
Business Name: Tami Cochrane Hypnotherapy
Phone: 0405 149 796
Areas: North Melbourne

(Fairfield, Ivanhoe, Heidelberg, Wallan, Whittlesea, Kilmore, Greensborough, Bundoora, Preston)

Tami Cochrane attained her Psychology degree from Swinburne University in Melbourne, she specialises in Hypnotherapy.

Tami Cochrane

Tami was a smoker and like many others she tried numerous ways to quit with no success. Tami successfully became a non-smoker by attending a Quit Cigarettes in 60 minutes session, this system worked for her which is why she is so confident that it will work for you too.

She is now part of a network of leading specialists using the most effective process available today to Quit Cigarettes in 60 minutes with an astonishing success rate of 95.6%. This is a proven system that has worked for thousands of clients.

Tami is absolutely committed to helping you become a non-smoker now and she backs it up with a lifetime guarantee.

0405 149 796


Name: Tina Mantineo
Business Name: Divine Angels Therapies
Phone: 0434 545 054
Areas: Melbourne Suburbs

(Reservoir, Hurstbridge, Diamond Creek, Mernda, Doreen, Greenvale, Craigieburn, Fawkner, Epping, Gladstone Park)


Tina Mantineo

TINA MANTINEO is motivated and passionate in her belief of the power of the mind. She is committed to helping people achieve their goals with ease to improve their quality of life to achieve healthier and happier lifestyles.

Tina is a trained Professional Hypnotherapist using state of the art technology and methodology to deliver effective and positive results. Tina is fully accredited through the Board of American Hypnotherapists as well as a "Licensed Quit Cigarettes In 60 Minutes" Practitioner recognised both in Australia and world-wide. ASleeptalk for Children Consultant, Holistic Counsellor & NLP Practitioner.

Tina is also a Level 2 Trained Reiki Practitioner &Pranic Healer.

Hypnotherapy can permanently change the subsconscious mind because it Re-Programs and thus changes behaviour. In a hypnotic state all your senses become more acute, especially your hearing therefore taking on board all the positive suggestions and ideas received during the Session.

Behaviour is just a belief system that you adopt through repetitiveness because as humans this is our means of learning...doing the same thing over and over again. When we have become "an expert" at whatever it is that we are doing then it becomes a program lodged in our unconscious.

Hypnotherapy allows your mind to make the changes to your existing behaviours easily because while in a trance like state, the conscious critical analysis is not in the way. Hypnosis is an effective, therapeutic tool that when used by a competently trained hypnotherapist can give you results that are truly amazing.

You can free yourself of SMOKING, WEIGHT LOSS ISSUES, DIABETES, MENOPAUSE, SELF-ESTEEM, ANXIETY, FEARS & PHOBIAS thus enabling you to create meaningful relationships, fulfilling careers, successful businesses and an abundance of wealth, health & happiness in your well deserved life.

Tina's many programs include: Quit Smoking, Gastric Band Hypnosis, Stop Diabetes, Losing Weight, Menopause&SleepTalk for Children.


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