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Vilma Domavari Name: Vilma Domavari
Business Name: Vitality Clinic
Phone: 0433 167 704
Web: www.vitalityclinic.net.au
Areas: Perth and south of the river

(Applecross, Como, South Perth, Fremantle, Bull Creek, Ardross, Riverton, Melton, Rockingham, Mandura)

Hi my name is Vilma Telek Domavari. I like to help people and I have over 18 years experience in helping people with health and relationship problems. I'm very dedicated to assist you to quit cigarettes in 60 minutes. It is an easy way without any side effects. Not only do you save money, you will increase you health and life span. You will find that soon after you quit that your body will work much more efficiently. You will have more energy and feel more vitality. I will assist you to quit smoking and stay non smoker. I give you a lifetime guarantee.

I want help you because I experienced the hard battle to stop smoking. I was a heavy smoker during my university years. I became a prisoner of cigarettes and I was badly affected by the side effects of cigarettes. I had acute bronchitis, chest pain and inflammation. It was very hard for me to quit smoking. Several times I quit cigarettes and I started again. I want to save you from this. You can come back to me if your feel that you need more assistance. I will not criticise you. I will give you a free back up treatment.

Today I am a non smoker. I breathe only fresh air. I want you also to be successful and quit cigarettes forever to be a non smoker for life. I love people and I want to help people. When I heard first about learning how to help people quit with this process I quickly made a decision to learn the powerful techniques of hypnosis and NLP to aid people to quit cigarettes in 60 minutes by the pleasant and easy way.

I came from Hungary where I worked in the technical college as a lecturer. I hold a bachelor degree in teaching, diploma in counselling and massage therapy. I am a certified therapist to help you to quit cigarettes in 60 minutes.

I am dedicated and very exited to help you quit the deadly habit of cigarettes with this easy, comfortable and affordable way. If you have any questions or you want to make your booking to quit cigarettes please do not hesitate. Call me on my telephone or send an e-mail.

I speak English and Hungarian.

Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist and member of Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapy

Rebates are available from some health insurance companies

Special rates for pensioners and Social Security card holders


Kiah Luoni Name: Kiah Luoni
Business Name: P. Luoni
Phone: 0433 758 787
Web: www.quitcigarettesaustralia.com.au
Areas: Perth Southern Suburbs

(Kwinana, Bertram, Fremantle, Spearwood, Wellard, Hamilton Hill, Hilton, Naval Base, Cockburn, Byford)

Do you want to give up cigarettes in one easy session that is guaranteed?

I have been offering this Quit technique for many years and the majority of my clients love the results they achieve.

Having smoked for over 30 years, I understand the difficulties of breaking this habit and am pleased with the simplicity of this process to make changes.

Hypnosis gives you the opportunity to discover the power of your imagination and to experience the super concentration of the mind upon a simple idea; to the exclusion of all other thoughts. You cannot change what has happened , but you can change how you think about it and what you do about it.

Hypnosis itself cures nothing, rather it is the vehicle for empowering people with the abilities and realisations that ultimately serve to help them.

By not smoking we chose to have a healthier body.

I am committed to helping you become a non smoker for life. It is really that easy. There is nothing to fear....

Please call: 0433 758 787

When one bright intellect
meets another bright intellect
the light increases
and the Way becomes clear


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